Scandal takes over Twitter

Every week there is a scandal on Twitter…of course I mean this in two different ways. There is the scandal -the damage done to Twitter, caused by the show Scandal and the show itself. If you haven’t turned on ABC on a Thursday night in the last year…you are living under a rock. I honestly can’t say why you haven’t seen Scandal, it’s on right after Greys Anatomy (and if you don’t watch that you can stop reading now, we’re done here), but this post isn’t going to be a love-fest about how great the show is (which it is)…but how it consumes Twitter.

Scandal is an incredibly thrilling drama that follows the life and work of Olivia Pope (a Washington DC political fixer) played by Kerry Washington. But the show that is full of twists and turns is simultaneously being tweeted by millions of fans and cast & crew alike. It was rumored that Shonda Rhimes told her leading lady and cast that she wanted them to tweet during the episodes, obviously to generate publicity…but I don’t think anyone knew how much #AskScandal was going to take off. The hashtag has it’s own feed page on Twitter that I can barely keep up with the traffic.

Regardless of whether it is a new episode or not, #AskScandal becomes a trending topic on Twitter on Thursday nights starting at 10pm EST and continues past 11pm PST.  There is always lots going on with multiple story lines so there are several choices for a trending topic.

2013-04-04_23-35-03Here in “NY trends”, my pic from last night, was missing Fitz and Mellie, (2 more characters from the show) that were below the screen capture. So that’s a total of 6 out of 10 trending topics…not to bad considering that pic was taken 35 minutes after the show finished airing on the East coast. **Note the following morning both #Scandal and #AskScandal were still trending in NY, nearly 12 hours later.  There are staggering statistics that Scandal receives over 2,200 tweets per minute.  A show that earns a 2.7 market share with 18-49 yrs, that’s roughly 8.11 million views, and takes over Twitter is a force to be reckoned with.

The marketing genius that started as #AskScandal is phenomenal because the fans are so connected to the show and the actors truly respond to this excitement and love for their #Gladiators. Coined from season one, the characters consider themselves “Gladiators in suits” fighting the good fight of Olivia Pope and Assoc. The fans have adopted this nickname as our own identifier.  The cast is so genuinely in love with each other as an extension of the show that they are even seen tweeting together on set on a Thursday night with their fans.


Social media (namely Twitter) has been on fire with this show and it’s because of this connection to it’s fans that we see Scandal on the cover of  TV Guide, and released today- Entertainment Weekly. Everyone that is involved is wholly invested in this show and its that personal connection that generates even more buzz.

It’s fitting that this post be put up today as it is the 1 year anniversary of the show’s original air date. Happy Birthday Scandal –here’s to many more.


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