Behind closed doors

Some of my “feelz” from last night…Imageit got real, I mean REALLY real. **Which is weird to say, since this is ALL made up**  For those who aren’t not fans of Greys Anatomy..this blog is not for you. Last night’s episode (a week before the season 9 finale) fans were heartbroken by a 1 minute scene that was half in the dark.

We had been warned about the potential of Arizona cheating on Callie by several sources…but the fandom refused to believe that this super couple could have such a dark moment…until it happened.  Callie and Arizona have had their many, many, many ups & downs as a couple. We all know their history..the fairytale that came from a single kiss in a dirty bar bathroom. But that fairytale relationship came to a crashing halt last night when the brutal reality of life crept into our televisions…and Lauren (aka McHomewrecker) crawled into Arizona’s pants.

So many fans have thrown their hands in the air and said that this is so out of character for Arizona they can’t believe this…well it’s true, it IS out of character for Arizona…but she’s changed. The devastation of the plane crash is still effecting their lives, and obviously her decision making skills have been damaged… to cheat on her wife, Callie, the one who has been by her side through all of this… I don’t know the realities of living with PTSD, which Arizona is clearly suffering from,  (the woman also experienced phantom limb pain) but they are complicated.  And this is what this story comes down to…it’s complicated.


Nothing in life is black and white, there are all shades of Greys…For every story there are two sides and two truthes, each to their own perspective. Now don’t get me wrong, I am SO saddened and dissappointed in Arizona for cheating with Lauren… but she’s not herself. And honestly I am holding onto the 2% chance that hopes she doesn’t “go all the way” and Callie busts in on them and takes her prosthetic and beats Lauren over the head with it… but that’s not a Shonda-type story, I don’t think. I tweeted last night “you can’t judge someone’s actions if you haven’t been in their shoes (or prosthetic leg)” But in this case its really, true. I don’t think Arizona intened to cheat, but it “just kinda happened”…which sounds just as lame and pathetic  as when you hear it in real life.

I also have issues with the double cheat on women and they are labelled “dogs” etc…but when a woman does it…the whole world implodes? So my opinion of Lauren was that she wanted to be friendly to earn her trust…but she’s a total player! The Fleetwood Mac song “Players only love you when their playing” is on repeat in my head! She knew what she was going after (married mom) but it didn’t stop her and I find those type of McHomewreckers appauling…On Greys we saw Owen cheated, and while he and Cristina didn’t have children…(don’t get me started on the Sofia situation) it was still an infidelity. People have moved on, regained trust… even Bailey told him that “good people do bad things”. And the same is true for Arizona, she screwed up…she REALLY screwed up… but it’s part of her life (STORY **remember it’s fictional)  and she’ll have to deal with the consequences…I really hope/think that she will regret her actions before they are through with the season. As a member of the LGBT community I can’t help but applaud this brave new storyline that depicts one more facet of our lives that is as genuine and real as everyone elses.

“There’s only one things that cuts through all our realities and that’s LOVE, the bridge between all our differences” -Kit from The L Word

If people believe that others are “meant to be” then hold the faith and ride the waves…#CalzonaStrong. They haven’t given up with everything else that they have been through… and that is marriage.


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I'm a mother to 2 beautiful boys & a wife to a fantastic lady. I love good food, drinks, and friends. I believe in honesty, equality, and kindness. The most important thing you can do for yourself is live an authentic life >>I hope this blog will help me do that more.
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3 Responses to Behind closed doors

  1. Beth Nrown says:

    Arizona was not the only one on that plane so why are many people saying she has changed and is suffering from PTSD? Christina, Meredith, and Derek all suffered. Meredith lost her sister. Derek lost his best friend and the ability to operate for a while. Christina could not even function after the event. So why aren’t the rest of them cheating on their spouses? I am not a member of the LGBT community but I am upset. It is fictional but good fiction makes us experience emotions. I am forever torn between feeling sorry for and yet hating Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights and I read every word to my senior English classes every year. Yes Shonda Rimes is phenomenal! She does what good writers do. She makes us invest on her show, story lines, and characters. So here I am invested and I angry and hurt. I have pulled for Callie to have happiness since her mismatched marriage to George. I thought she found it but it only took one flirtatious pursuer to make her cheat. I did not find that acceptable with Owen and I do not find it acceptable with Arizona. Fiction here is at its best. I have no rational thoughts about any side Arizona has. I don’t care what her side is. She was wrong, plain and simple and I am mad at her! I applaud Shonda and Jessica Capshaw but I hate Arizona and I hope she suffers even more at the devastation she is going to cause her family.

    • labgal99 says:

      I agree that what Arizona did was despicable, and I would never condone cheating in any way shape or form…to answer “why isn’t anyone else cheating on their spouses who were on the plane?” All people process things differently, you can lock 10 people in a room and subject them to the same thing, but their reactions will be different. This is how her PTSD has manifested…making her this uncharacteristicly needy for attention fool.

      I adore Callie & Arizona, have loved seeing myself represented on television…and am as invested as others…butyou have read some of the other interviews, by not letting them experience this type of betrayal it marginalizes them. I think it felt a little forced with the speed..but there are only so many episodes in a season to work with. I am heartbroken for Callie, and if my wife were to betray me in a manner such as this I don’t know what I would do… But I do know that I wouldn’t throw my hands in the air and quit. Marriage and children are involved, you don’t just give up. But …that’s me.

      P.S. Thanks for responding with some great insight

  2. Neixannd says:

    There is so much under the sleeve.. Layers and layers of darkness and trauma after an accident like the plane crash.. Everyone had their share of pain but the only one not a whole(physically) was Arizona.. She lost a leg and by the hand of the woman she love and trust..she is a mother of a child of the woman she love and trust.. I still believe Arizona is a ‘good man in the storm’ but she have been tornado by hurricane since she is in the former Seattle Grace… I don’t like or believe that her actions are correct but I think she will accept the consequences of her actions and will try to gain her trust on herself as a whole woman attractive and loving and will try to gain the trust of the woman she love. True love always find the way. For us is going to be a bumpy, sad, angry ride but also great acting by JCap and Sara Ramirez.

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