When the fandom implodes…

Ok, so I took the summer to recover from the May finale night Shondaland shows –this week marks the return of Greys Anatomy & we’ll begin by rubbing salt in the wound that is Calzona.

I’ve seen arguments get started on Twitter over the dumbest things… last night point + case went to Scott Foley starting a Scandal Twitter riot with his attempted comedic tweet about Kerry Washington loosing the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (I too think she was robbed, but Claire Danes’ performances are outstanding). People went bat shit crazy on him for no other reason than they too were upset by her loss. I have often commented that the anonymity of twitter tends to make people more negative…but evidently it also leads to down right nastiness. The insults and general hatred that were sent to him (and that he patiently responded to) were atrocious; behavior that makes me want to close my account and go happily back to living in my techno-free pink bubble.

We know this nasty behavior isn’t new to the Calzona fandom; when kind-hearted Jessica Capshaw was blasted by “fans” (I use the term loosely here) as her character Arizona cheated on her wife during the season 9 finale.  A little over 4 months ago I got to meet JCap briefly on a street corner of New York, and she was as sweet and lovely as can be…and it saddens me that since then she’s gotten such hated mail for playing a character that did a stupid thing. This fandom now reignited with the premiere of season 10 of Greys Anatomy only days away has dissected itself in to #TeamCallie and #TeamArizona.  I truly hope that all the people with hate in their heart can find a way to resolve that this is just a television show..but in the larger sense of reality >>things are not always so black and white = it’s grey. How many times have you heard someone say “you’ve done a bad thing but it doesn’t make you a bad person” before you understand? Marriage is complicated, life is messy and if you’re so quick to judge people & be reactionary with a tv show I feel sorry for the REAL people in your life.

Stop tearing each other down, it doesn’t build you up.


About labgal99

I'm a mother to 2 beautiful boys & a wife to a fantastic lady. I love good food, drinks, and friends. I believe in honesty, equality, and kindness. The most important thing you can do for yourself is live an authentic life >>I hope this blog will help me do that more.
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